Welcome to HealthMatch: A Service of Catskill Hudson Area Health Education Center


HealthMatch is a health professional recruitment service designed specifically for small and rural communities in New York State. HealthMatch provides the expertise and real-world experience to effectively match the right primary care providers with communities in need.  HealthMatch is a collaborative effort that brings the commitment of healthcare, business, and civic leaders together in order to provide increased local access to quality healthcare throughout New York State.

As a result of this initiative:

  • Community-based healthcare is greatly improved and the need to travel outside the community for healthcare needs is reduced.
  • Higher paying jobs become available — for both healthcare providers and support staff, improving and supporting the local economy.
  • A healthier workforce is cultivated because more people will have access to healthcare.
  • A renewed sense of commitment arises because people come together to improve the health of their community.

There is a true return on investment when communities commit to HealthMatch because HealthMatch is committed to the communities it serves.

Practice Opportunities and Placement

Unlike national recruitment firms, HealthMatch takes a personal, customized approach to health professional recruitment. We pay particular attention to your needs as well as the needs of your family and significant others who will be relocating with you to assure that the practice opportunity fits your lifestyle.

If you are a primary care or specialty provider, please contact us today about placement opportunities in and around the 11-county region of New York State where we are currently placing providers.

Community & Economic Development

HealthMatch works with communities to develop collaborative partnerships with local hospitals, industries, and government to develop professional recruitment financial incentive programs. These programs will enable your community to provide financial incentives, such as school loan forgiveness and/or practice start-up programs, in order to enhance the recruitment of healthcare professionals to your community.

If you are a business leader or representative of a medically underserved community, please contact us to see how HealthMatch can help drive economic development in your rural town or community.