Staying In The Commiunity:  Practice Development and Management

Once HealthMatch and local communities recruit healthcare professionals to their areas, the next priority is to make sure that these profehp1ssionals remain a vital part of our communities.

In order for health professionals to remain in our communities, it is essential that the infrastructure necessary to manage all of their administrative needs is available.HealthMatch will be there to make sure that happens.

HealthMatch works directly with these healthcare providers to help support practice development. HealthMatch tailors management plans that are best suited for each professional or for a group of professionals, such as:

  • Managed care credentialing and contract negotiations
  • Choosing computerized practice management and electronic health record systems
  • Staff recruitment
  • Office set-up
  • Marketing and advertising

There is a true return on investment when communities commit to HealthMatch becauseHealthMatch is committed to the communities it serves. Bringing healthcare professionals into our communities:

  • Enhances community-based healthcare, reducing the need to travel outside the community for care
  • Brings higher paying jobs – not just the healthcare providers but support staff as well – which boosts the local economy
  • Supports a healthier workforce because more people will have healthcare access
  • Brings a renewed sense of community and commitment to communities because people came together for a common goal of bringing new healthcare professionals to their area