Committing to the Community: Education and Needs Assesment

is committed to increasing access to quality healthcare by facilitating the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. In order for HealthMatch to be successful, the communities become educated on their role in recruiting quality healthcare professionals to their area and what their investment means.
First, HealthMatch reaches out to local stakeholders so that they can embrace their responsibility in improving the health and well-being of their community. HealthMatch then conducts a healthcare needs assessment to determine what types of and how many healthcare professionals are needed.


Once the information is gathered and a determination is made, HealthMatch works with this core group of stakeholders to help educate the community about the problem, as well as the need and the role everyone can play to bring healthcare professionals to their community.

Substantial funds are needed in order to recruit healthcare professionals and help them establish and maintain their practices for at least the first year. HealthMatch works with each community to develop strategies that incorporate both private and public sector fund raising efforts, which include securing financial resources from local, state and/or federal grants.

The goal at HealthMatch is to engage the entire community, including the major donor to the student raising money through a lemonade stand, in the process of improving local healthcare.