Coming to the Community: Marketing and Recruiting

It’s difficult to get a new doctor, dentist or other healthcare professional to come to rural communities – the types of communities that are traditionally medically under-served. It basically comes down to two factors – finances and quality of life.

Establishing a new practice in a community is estimated to cost approximately $350,000. That high cost, coupled with the perceived isolation of living in a rural community, doesn’t necessarily make our communities desirable destinations for healthcare professionals.

In order to overcome this perception, HealthMatch works with communities so that they can market themselves as desirable locations for healthcare professionals to live and work. HealthMatch also develops an online database that aggressively markets to new physicians and healthcare professionals so that they can easily find one of our communities that is suitable for them and their families.

 works with communities to develop collaborative partnerships with local hospitals, industries and foundations to develop local healthcare professional recruitment financial pools. These financial pools will enable communities to provide financial incentives, such as school loan forgiveness and/or practice start-up programs that will enhance recruitment of healthcare professionals to our communities in need.

HealthMatch helps communities and health professionals tap into state and federal programs, such as Doctors Across New York, which was established to bring physicians to medically-underserved communities.